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Collage of Alexa's highlights as a Program Coordinator for SPMP.
Collage of Alexa's notable moments uplifting the transfer community in her community college.
Examples of Alexa's initiative to provide opportunities and alumni insights to her CC classmates.

Alexa is a successful transfer student in her senior year at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. She transferred in as a Business Administration major from Irvine Valley College in Orange County.

Her educational path is split among 3 countries - Ukraine, Germany, and the U.S. - which has made her able to find a unique approach to connect with each individual and highly adaptable. Moving frequently has exposed her to diverse cultures, people, and languages, of which she speaks four - English, Russian, Ukrainian, German.

During her time in community college (CC), Alexa served on leadership boards of multiple professional development clubs and founded a chapter of a nonprofit called College Leap aimed at uplifting CC students. In the thick of the pandemic, she yearned to cultivate a sense of community among students and did just that by actively running a 300+ person Discord channel where students could speak candidly about their academic or professional struggles and find support in their peers. 

Upon transferring to her dream school, Alexa was determined to pay it forward to the peer and alumni mentors whose insights were key to her success. She joined the Transfer Development Committee of the Haas Business School Association (HBSA) to help transfers acclimate and build bonds with continuing students. She was later promoted to lead this committee and build a database of resources for incoming transfers.

Alexa also served as the Program Coordinator for the Starting Point Mentorship Program, which pairs community college mentees with transfer student mentors at UC Berkeley to guide them through the UC application season. She also crafted the curriculum for and taught a Berkeley mentorship-centered course for 70 transfer students while overseeing a cohort of 400 community college mentees. 

Beyond her passion for creating opportunities in education, Alexa is equipped with a well-rounded professional background. She has strong program management, digital marketing, public speaking, and data analysis skills. Moreover, she has 3+ years of event planning and hosting experience, having facilitated 50+ webinars with hundreds of attendees.


Alexa feels most energized when she is leading a team and instilling individuals with confidence, whether that be academically (as an educational consultant and student mentor) or professionally (through her LinkedIn workshop series).

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