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Over the years, Alexa has organized many large-scale events and workshops attended by hundreds of students. She has overseen every stage of the event planning process: conducting outreach, designing marketing materials, partnering with external organizations for cross-promotion, and flexing her public speaking muscle both as a host and guest speaker. 

With each successful event, Alexa has found fulfillment in reaching new audiences of motivated students as well as reassuring discouraged ones that they can achieve their goals by adding to their existing toolkits. She has supported CC students in connecting with outstanding alumni, led workshops on mastering spreadsheets and graphic design, and created recruitment opportunities where there were few to begin with.


A highlight of her event hosting experience was organizing a "Big 4" Recruiter Panel with representatives from Deloitte, PwC, and EY. For many of her peers, this was the first time they were able to interact with corporate recruiters and understand what leading accounting firms look for in candidates. While the outreach was quite tough - Alexa messaged 70+ recruiters on LinkedIn with only 3 affirmative responses - she was proud to spur recruitment opportunities on her CC campus. What's even crazier is that this initiative led to her securing an accounting internship at Deloitte!

Now that you're feeling inspired, scroll below to see more of the initiatives Alexa has launched!

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